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Our recuitment and employment policies:

  1. Discrimination
  2. Incidental characteristics
  3. Affirmative action or positive discrimination
  4. Assessment
  5. Internships
  6. Work Experience
  7. Agents
  8. Applicants who are not a citizen of a member state of the EEA or Switzerland
  9. Privacy

1. Discrimination

We are discriminatory: we discriminate in recruitment and employment on these personal attributes:

  • Abilities and skills
  • Relevant experience
  • Academic or professional qualifications (where appropriate)
  • Personality.[1]

1: 'Personality' is sometimes seen as synonymous with vanity and proficiency in, for want of a better word, bullshit. Candidates should beware: having the disfunctional attributes pervasively flaunted in 'celebrity culture' would probably be detrimental to their prospects. That anyone is truthful, honest, mindful, rational, critical (as in, discerning, not carping or disparaging), curious, diligent, tolerant, judicious, amiable… are among the personal traits we value. Nonetheless, non-paragons and the plain un-saintly should not necessarily be deterred, we too are human.

2. Incidental characteristics

The incidental characteristics of candidates (such as: sex, age, race, sexual preferences, religious beliefs… etc.) are irrelevant to us.

3. Affirmative action or 'positive' discrimination

All practices of discrimination are abhorent to us: the characteristics of individuals alone are recognized.

4. Assessment

Candidates may be required to undertake tests assessing their relevant skills, including proficiency in language, logical reasoning and mathematics.

5. Internships

Although unpaid internships are voluntary agreements we regard the practice as inherently exploitative. Since servitude, in any form, is unacceptable to us and we believe that effort should be duly rewarded, we do not offer unpaid internships.

6. Work Experience

From October 2009, in response to the introduction of the corrosive Vetting and Barring Scheme by the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA), we no longer offer work experience to minors nor attend schools to provide careers guidance or information on architectural education and practice.

7. Agents

We communicate directly only with applicants and candidates in all recruitment: we deprecate advocacy by agents or proxies—whether commercial, personal or familial. Exceptions will be made for disabled applicants and minors seeking work experience.[see above]

8. Applicants who are not a citizen of a member state of the EEA or Switzerland

The state compels discrimination against some individuals in recruitment and employment. If you are not a citizen of a member state of the European Economic Area or Switzerland the available employment options with us are extremely limited [see: guides on UK immigration]. We do not hold a United Kingdom Border Agency Sponsor Licence.

9. Privacy

We will retain all submitted CV's / résumés for no more than 40 days, unless we procede with recruitment. You may, at any time, require us to edit or remove your data from our records. See: Our privacy policies: Data collection and use & Data storage.

The personal information provided will not be used for any purpose unrelated to your application.

Except in compliance with a statutory provision or an Order of Court, neither your contact details nor your personal details will be disclosed to any third party without your express consent.

Your personal data is protected by the Information Commissioner, who enforces and oversees the Data Protection Act. The office is an independent supervisory authority reporting directly to the United Kingdom Parliament.


Given name Family name



In order to practise as an Architect in the United Kingdom applicants must satisfy the licensing requirements of the Architects Registration Board, these are:



contact DETAILS

Postal address (optional)



What is your proficiency in spoken and written English?

Native tongue or bilingual with English
Not declared

If you have an English as a foreign language accredited qualification please state it below:

ADVICE: English Language requirements for foreign professional applicants.


I am a citizen of a member State of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.

Optional: if you are a citizen of a member State of the EEA or Switzerland:

ADVICE: United Kingdom Border Agency guides: Rights of EEA and Swiss citizens.
Non-European Nationals: Immigration and Work Permits

I am not a citizen of a member State of the EEA or Switzerland.

If you are not a citizen of a member State of the EEA or Switzerland please state your nationality:

If you are not a citizen of a member State of the EEA or Switzerland, which of the following have you been granted?

Tier 1 Visa (General) (formerly the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme).
Tier 2 Visa for Skilled Migrants.
Tier 4 Visa for International Students.
Graduate Students - Post Study Work (formerly the International Graduates Scheme).
Tier 5 Visa for Temporary Workers.
None of these.
Not declared.
  • We do not hold a United Kingdom Border Agency Sponsor Licence.
  • We do not offer Tier 3 employment.
  • ADVICE: United Kingdom Border Agency guides: Non-European nationals.
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❖ Note: We use security filters in all our online communications: if you include more than a single URL or IP address or any random alphanumeric text in the message it will be rejected. Scientific or technical terminology may be ensnared by the junk filter—please review your message if this happens.



ENGLISH LANGUAGE: If you have several English language qualifications, please state the highest award. Candidates will be required to provide the original certificate or a notarized copy.

For professional posts, only certain English tests are recognised. These are set out in the table below:

English Language requirements for foreign professional applicants
Examination Minimum overall Score Additional requirements
Cambridge ESOL CAE A
Cambridge ESOL CPE B
Cambridge IGCSE:
English as a Second Language (count-in oral)
European Baccalaureate: In English 70%
International Baccalaureate:
Standard Level (SL): In English
IELTS 7.0 Minimum in each component: 7.0
TOEFL: Paper-based* 600 Minimum TWE score: 5.5
TOEFL iBT: Internet-based 100 Minimum in each element: 25
* In TOEFL tests, the Test of Written English (TWE) must be taken at the same time. A TOEFL score without a contemporaneous TWE is not acceptable.
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Business Language Testing Service tests

Notwithstanding any formal language qualifications, candidates may also be required to undertake BULATS tests of their proficiency in the comprehension and use of written English and their command of oral English.

Further language advice

CAE: Certificate in Advanced English

CPE: Certificate of Proficiency in English

ICGSE: International General Certificate of Secondary Education

IELTS: International English Language Testing System

TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language

BULATS: Business Language Testing Service.


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