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Pleiade Associates are architects based in Bristol, United Kingdom. We are the project masterplanners for the LOX Study — a proposal for a four-runway airport near Abingdon in Oxfordshire, which was submitted to the Airports Commission in July 2013.

The report is available here: LOX report 2013.

LOX · London Oxford Airport

The LOX master plan

LOX 2013 airport layout plan

The airport diagram

LOX 2013 Airport Diagram

Essential infrastructure

Several major highway links would be required components of the project, these are:

1 Existing A34 dual carriageway: augmented to a dual three-lane / dual four-lane motorway from M4 (junction 13) to the Ridgeway crossing. [Figure: 1]

2 New dual four-lane motorway link to the M40, including a new grade separated junction (6) with the airport access motorway spur. [Figure: 2] and [Figure: 3]

3 New A34 to M4 (junction 15: Swindon) link: dual three-lane carriageway. [Figure: 4]

4 Diversions of the A338 and A415: dual two-lane / three-lane carriageway from Grove to Kingston Bagpuize (A420). [Figure: 5]

1 M4 to M40 motorway link (part 1)

M4-M40 link: part 1

2 M4 to M40 motorway link (part 2)

M4-M40 link part 2

3 M4 to M40 motorway link (part 3)

M4-M40 link part 3

4 A419 to A34 link: Swindon to Didcot

A419-A34 link

5 A338 and A415 diversions: Grove to Kingston Bagpuize

A338 and A415 diversions

6 From LOX (2003): Figure 4: Projected LOX-LHR Express rail link

LOX (2003): Figure 4: Projected LOX-LHR Express rail link

7 Agricultural Land

Agricultural Land

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An earlier study

An earlier study was considered in SERAS, 2003* — the previous investigation into runway capacity in the South-East region — and is provided here:

LOX Study (2003).

Review of London Oxford Airport, Halcrow (2003). (656 KB, PDF).

Review Figure: Demand distribution (546 KB) (© 2003 Department for Transport)

For comparision (Distribution of District Demand at the existing airports, DfT 2000):


* SERAS: South East and East of England Regional Air Services Study.

The Future Development of Air Transport in the United Kingdom: South East. Department for Transport, July 2002.