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Pleiade Associates are architects based in Bristol, United Kingdom. We are the project masterplanners for the LOX Study — a proposal for a four-runway airport near Abingdon in Oxfordshire, which was submitted to the Airports Commission in July 2013.

The report to the Commission is available here: LOX report 2013.

LOX · London Oxford Airport

LOX 2013 airport layout plan

LOX 2013 field layout

The figures and illustrations provided here are not merely duplicates of those made available through the Commission, but are of a higher resolution and thus, crucially, provide greater detail.

We intend to provide additional relevant information. This will include a proposed scheme for direct periodic compensation for the impacts of aircraft noise.*

If you wish to raise with us any issue concerning the study please contact us on the LOX project public commentary contact page.


* Alan Geal. Environmental issues affecting airport development.
UK Airports Policy: a new agenda. Waterfront/Royal Aeronautical Society/Airports International. London, 1995.

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The previous LOX Report (2003)

The previous LOX Study, as submitted to SERAS (2003), is available here: Report (2003) documents.

SERAS: South East and East of England Regional Air Services Study.

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