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Pleiade Associates are architects based in Bristol, United Kingdom. We are the project masterplanners for the LOX Study — a proposal for a four-runway airport near Abingdon in Oxfordshire, which was submitted to the Airports Commission in July 2013.

The report is available here: LOX report 2013.

LOX · London Oxford Airport

The LOX master plan

LOX 2013 airport layout plan

The airport diagram

LOX 2013 Airport Diagram

Proposed surface access: M4 to M40 motorway link (part 1)

M4-M40 link: part 1

Proposed surface access: M4 to M40 motorway link (part 2)

M4-M40 link part 2

Proposed surface access: A419-A34 link: Swindon to Didcot

M4-M40 link part 2

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An earlier study

An earlier LOX Study was considered in SERAS, 2003* and is provided here: Report (2003).

* SERAS: South East and East of England Regional Air Services Study.

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Comments can be sent through the LOX project public commentary page.

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